We are a volunteer group of creators with backgrounds in education, animation, design, music, film making and humanitarian work.  We are part of a global movement that points to a new understanding of the mind as the one solution to all personal and global problems.  Our international team comes from Norway,
the United Kingdom, the United States, Palestine and Israel. 


Stephanie Fox, Co-Creator/Producer/Script Writer

Stephanie has 15 years experience in international development and education with NGOs, the private sector, and the United Nations. In her five years with the UN in Gaza she provided communication, media, and programmatic support to a humanitarian effort with a $100 million annual budget that provided education, health, social services, and housing to more than one million refugees. She assembled a first-class production team to develop and launch the UN’s first satellite channel in the Middle East, which provides educational and human rights based program to children and parents from more than 20 countries in the region and is providing emergency education to millions of Syrian refugees. Her educational career started in Spain where she taught middle school children and adults English, eventually becoming the Director of Studies at a language academy. Stephanie is now the Program Director for Youth at One Solution and a teacher at an international high school in Israel where she is teaching a new understanding of the mind that has the potential to change the world. She is also a transformative coach, helping global change makers to realize their potential. She obtained a Masters in International Conflict Analysis from the Brussels School of International Studies and Bachelors degrees in Spanish, Portuguese and Sociology from the University of Minnesota. Originally from Minnesota, Stephanie now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel with her husband and son Alexander (3).



John Scott, Co-Creator/Storyteller

John has 16 years experience as a design and branding expert and 2 years experience as a transformative coach. As a former Creative Director, John worked with some of the world’s biggest retail and technology brands. His skill lay in the use of experiential storytelling to translate complex brand strategies into engaging spaces, identities, graphic designs, websites and apps. In 2013, whilst looking to develop his creative potential, John was introduced to a new understanding of the mind and it had a profound effect on him, leading him to switch careers and become certified transformative coach. As a coach, his purpose is to help others see the truth in these powerful principles of the mind for themselves. Central to this purpose is his belief in the ability of visual arts, media and storytelling to communicate ideas simply and directly. In addition to working as a coach, he exercises his love for creative expression by bringing his insights and understanding to life visually. He has recently illustrated Terry Rubenstein’s forthcoming book entitled The Peach who Thought She Had to be a Coconut – Reflections on the Power of Thought and Innate Resilience. John has a First Class Honors Degree in Interior Architecture and Design from Nottingham Trent University. He lives in London with his wife Lizzie and their dog Loki.


Sami Al-Haw, Director

Sami has 10 years of experience as an artist, filmmaker, and communications and media specialist with the Gazan private sector, Italian and British non-governmental organizations and the United Nations. With the UN in Gaza Sami designed and implemented large scale children’s programs including a flagship summer recreational program for 250,000 children, giving children a rare opportunity to simply play and learn in a non-politicized environment. With UNRWA TV, Sami produced and directed Gaza’s first ever child drama series, called “The Neighbourhood” where children in refugee camps were confronted with difficult choices and learned how to make the best one. His desire to help children in refugee camps through art and media stems from his own childhood as a refugee in Jabalyia camp in northern Gaza. From the age of 16 he participated in art and film exhibitions and drama, eventually teaching these same art forms to other kids in the camp. For the last 10 years, Sami and the other 2 million people in Gaza have lived under a blockade, which restricts the movement of people and goods. Despite the complexities of life under blockade, Sami’s hope for better days is growing, thanks to a new understanding of the mind.  Sami has a BA in Art Education from Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. He lives in Gaza with his wife and daughter Lynn (6), and sons Abood (3) and Zain (1).  


Mohammed Hosam, Animator/Caricature Artist

Mohammed has 15 years of experience as a portrait, caricature, and storyboard artist and 2D animator. He produced works for several private companies in Gaza before being recruited to work at the prestigious JeemTV, Al Jazeera’s children’s educational channel based in Doha, Qatar. With Jeem TV, Mohammed was a character designer for a children’s game show, which was broadcast live, incorporating animated elements. In spite of his successful career in Doha, Mohammed returned to Gaza to be close to his family who needed him.Mohammed is now the animator for UNRWA TV, an educational TV channel based in Gaza City, providing education for millions of children in the region. Mohammed’s talent for drawing was recognized when he was just six years old, growing up in a refugee camp in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Despite the harsh conditions of his upbringing and the current volatile political, economic, and social situation in Gaza following 10 years of siege, Mohammed remains hopeful.  He dreams of living freely and for peace to prevail all over the world; a world where wars and conflicts are just a memory. In 2010 he graduated with a BA in History and Geography from Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. Mohammed lives in Gaza City with his wife and two daughters, Sarah (2) and Lana (0). 


Christian Brattvik, Musician/Sound Engineer

Christian has 10 years of experience as a pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger.  When he was just 16 years old he was asked to play classical piano for a national radio station in Norway. He’s also entertained 1500 Norwegian festival goers on the keyboard and back-up vocals and his Motown music group played in a jazz festival in France. Christian is passionate about learning and teaching music. While studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he slept in school hallways and a drum locker to maximum time in the recording studios learning the craft. He currently teaches piano at a school of music and performing arts to elementary and middle school students where he loves participating in the learning process and watching his students excel. In addition to teaching children music, Christian supports children with special needs at an alternative school and a private residential care home where he enjoys taking the kids on field trips and participating in a variety of creative activities with them. Christian sees a huge potential in using arts and technology to education people about a new understanding of the mind and bring about a better world. Christian began studying classical piano at the age of 13, has studied jazz tradition at a Music Conservatory in Lyon, France and later studied film scoring at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Christian lives in Oslo.