A Curious World is a universally appealing, language neutral, educational experience pointing children the source of their feelings.

Curious the Dragon fly is our fun and lovable main character. He lives in a world where it can appear
that the good feelings he craves and the bad feelings he dislikes are all created by the people and circumstances around him.  A Curious World indeed.

Driven by his search for feelings like security, belonging, self esteem and purpose, he finds himself in
many hilariousadventurous and mishaps trying to avoid bad feelings and create good ones.

In the end though he always realizes how futile this search is because what he’s looking for is always to be found inside him.


Through entertainment, our purpose is to educated kids of all ages about the true source of their feelings.


The central idea for A Curious World is to illustrate for the viewer that our feelings are generated
from inside of us and that there is a connection between them and our thought in the moment.

Around this idea we can demonstrate the undesirable effects, both on our situation and ourselves,
when we do not see this link and how simple and effortless things can become when we do.


Our aim is to help kids see for themselves how unhelpful it is to blame their circumstances for their negative
feelings and how futile it is to search for positive feelings in the people and the things that surround them.

With this understanding we envision a current generation of kids relieved of the suffering brought
about by stressful and anxious thinking, particularly around issues like safety, security, belonging, identity, self-esteem and purpose.

With this understanding we envision a future generation whose strong sense of individual well-being gives rise to a lasting and sustainable global well-being.


We see a huge potential for
A Curious World to lead children to the true source of their feelings.

At the moment our focus is on a free to access animated cartoon series that
will introduce the character and establish the central premise.

Our goal is to develop the project so it can be communicated through a variety of media
including educational apps, on and online games, books, comics, study packs, teaching aids,
a school curriculum,and other art forms inspired by his adventures.

Our dream is that children and youth will become the leading creative energy bringing A Curious World to life,
transforming our world from the inside-out one individual at a time.



This is the first in a series of short clips to show that our feelings are always coming from thoughts and not
the external world or circumstances,which is the common misunderstanding at the heart of all human problems.

This clip first debuted at the One Solution conference in Cape Town, South Africa on 20 March 2017.

Please post your reactions, comments,  and suggestions,  on our facebook page, we would love to hear from you! We would especially love to
know what the children in your life think about this clip.  AND, it would be extra amazing
to see videos of kids watching the clip and their reactions.